SimplytheBest Scripts


ChatGPT Text and Speech Converter

Processes text using ChatGPT API and outputs audio with the speech generated from the input text or takes an audio file and transcribes the spoken wo ...

PHP Serialize and Unserialize Values

This package can serialize and unserialize variable values with a given handler class. It supports serialization multiple formats like JSON or Array.

On Laravel Eloquent Query Builder

Compose criteria queries using Laravel Eloquent. It provides classes that allow developers to compose query conditions based on criteria defined at r ...


Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client that makes it easy to send HTTP requests and trivial to integrate with web services. Simple interface for building query ...


Show Text or Image

Shows a text or image when you move your mouse over an element.

Slide and Push Menus

Fixed menus that will slide out from the sides of the page and in case of the right and left side optionally move the body.

Bootstrap 3 Megamenu

A Bootstrap 3 CSS megamenu add-on that uses the standard navbar markup and the fluid grid system classes of Bootstrap 3. You can include almost any H ...

Bootstrap Dual Listbox

A responsive dual listbox widget optimized for Twitter Bootstrap. Works on all modern browsers and on touch devices.


A JavaScript dynamic tree view plugin for jQuery with support for persistence, keyboard, checkboxes, tables, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading.

jQuery UI Autocomplete

Enables users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type, leveraging searching and filtering.


SimplytheBest Animated Backgrounds Collection

Some nice background animated effects can be created using just CSS.

SimplytheBest Timelines Collection

Timelines are a great way to visualize processes.

SimplytheBest SVG Effects Collection

Some great effects can be created using SVG.

SimplytheBest Vue Code Snippets Collection

A SimplytheBest collection of Vue code snippets. We think it will give you a good idea of the possibilities of this new upcoming Ajax framework, and ...

jQuery Listbox Database Update

This solution helps you to use listboxes in multiple records and to update the database using Ajax when the selection of a listbox changes. Thereafte ...


A modern mobile touch slider with hardware accelerated transitions and amazing native behavior. It is intended to be used in mobile websites, mobile ...